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“Through a Glass Darkly”, by Igmar Bergman, 1961

“Silver Linings Playbook”

Academy award winner in the best actress 2012, this movie promotes tolerance, utilizing humor and dialogue, toward those people with such illnesses as autism, bipolar disorder, OCD and other common ailments.

Brilliant Madness: John Nash’s life (PBS 60 minute film)

The Brush, The Pen and Recovery

A 33-minute documentary film on an art program for folks with schizophrenia.

Canvas with Marcia Gay Harden, Joe Pantoliano

“When Mary’s mental illness puts herself and her family in jeapardy, her husband and son watch as she is taken from her family by the police.  Forced to raise a boy on his own and cope with his wife’s schizophrenia, father and son learn what it is to be a family.”  Inspired by a true story.

 “Great Minds of Medicine”

Interview with Kay Jamison addressing bipolar illness.

 In Our Own Words

The Josselyn Center 30 minute film about teens with bipolar disorder.

 Jumping Off Bridges

It is a story about an adventurous group of four best friends in the trenches of adolescence and on a teen’s struggle to come to terms with the suicide of his mother.

 0ut of the Shadow

A documentary film on schizophrenia by Susan Smiley. “Susan Smiley’s story of her family’s secret struggle to deal with her mother’s schizophrenia within the confines of the public health system.  Insightful and education film about schizophrenia and the humanity behind this very confusing disease.”

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